Historic Preservation at Fort Vancouver National Site

West Barracks

The West Barracks has a variety of historic buildings including the Artillery Barracks, the NCO duplexes, the Post Hospital, and more. Renovations are underway on the Artillery Barracks building that will create a new conference center and meeting space available for rent to the public.

Post Hospital

Post HospitalThe Post Hospital, once a bustling, state-of-the-art military medical facility, has sat vacant and forlorn for more than two decades. Located on the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, the iconic structure admitted its first patient in 1905. Now, thanks to a shot in the arm due to community interest, the Post Hospital has recently begun some new, exploratory treatments to remedy its case of emptiness.

In February 2011, 63 community members representing 26 arts and educational organizations stepped inside the historic building to begin their artistic diagnosis. Following the tours of the structure, more than 80 people participated in a "community conversation" regarding the potential repurposing of the building for the arts. Click HERE to learn more about the Post Hospital and its artful transition!

Officers Row

Grant House on Officers RowAlong historic Officers Row are 21 historic Victorian houses that were provided to U.S. Army officers stationed here at what was then referred to as Fort Vancouver--and later Vancouver Barracks. The larger quarters, with distinctive architectural features, were occupied by field officers--majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels. The smaller, simpler homes were occupied by company officers. Visitors to Officers Row often comment that all the buildings look alike, but on closer inspection, a diversity of styles and architectural details can be found recalling influences of these styles: Second Empire, Italianate, Classical Revival, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival.

The historic buildings along Officers Row and in the West Barracks are owned by the City of Vancouver, but maintained and operated by the nonprofit organization Fort Vancouver National Trust. Your contribution to the Trust will help preserve these buildings for future generations to enjoy. Today the tree-lined paved paths along the graceful historic homes of Officers Row and through Vancouver Barracks are popular walking, running and biking spots in Vancouver.

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