Marshall Public & Youth Leadership Awards


From 1936 to 1938 General George C. Marshall lived in Vancouver in the Victorian house on Officers Row that today bears his name. While in Vancouver, he was a Brigadier General and served as Commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade at Vancouver Barracks. Marshall served as the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army during World War II and he was Secretary of State from 1947 to 1949. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the Marshall Plan, which helped rebuild the economies of Europe and the Pacific nations after the war.


General George C. Marshall Public Leadership Award was instituted in 1989 to recognize a young person’s commitment to public service and demonstrated leadership potential. This award was created in cooperation with the Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia, to commemorate General Marshall’s two-year residence in Vancouver and to honor the legacy of this world statesman.

Two awards are given to Clark County Residents each year at the ceremony.

The ADULT LEADERSHIP AWARD is given to a community figure 35 years of age or younger who has demonstrated leadership ability, commitment to public service, academic achievement and potential for an ongoing active role in public service.

The YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD was established in 2000, and is presented to a high school Senior who demonstrates leadership, takes a stand for the rights of others, serves as a role model, shows initiative and motivates others to become involved.


Nominate an adult leader here!

If you have already been nominated - complete the NOMINEE FORM HERE!

Nomination Deadline: February 17, 2017 BY 5PM - To be completed by the nominator. Nominees will be contacted after receiving the nomination form.

Nominees for the adult Marshall Adult Leadership Award must be a resident of Clark County, be 35 years of age or under and have completed a four-year college degree. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership ability, commitment to public service, academic achievement and potential for an ongoing active role in public service.

Award benefits for the General George C. Marshall Public Leadership Award (adult) include:

  • A $2,200 stipend towards a trip to the Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, D.C.
  • Opportunities to meet and develop relationships with community leaders
  • A scholarship to participate in the Leadership Clark County Program, a nine-month course designed to enhance public leadership skills

Public Award Recipient Expectations:

  • Recipients must be available to travel to Lexington, Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, D.C.
  • Give presentations about the Marshall Award and your trip to the East Coast to the Vancouver City Council, FVNT Board, and other organizations as requested.
  • Participate on the Marshall Selection Committees for one year (immediately following your award). The Marshall Selection Committees meet approximately 5 times for 2 hours.
  • Participate in Leadership Clark County - nine-month commitment.
  • Participate in the 2017 Celebrate Freedom programs such as the Marshall Lecture Series, Flag Day ceremony, Independence Day, Veterans Parade, and others as determined.
  • Show an ongoing commitment to community involvement and personal growth

A PDF version of the adult nomination form is also available for download. Please complete the form, and send to

Marshall Adult Leadership Nomination Award Form


Youth Award Deadline has passed! 

Nominees for the Marshall Youth Leadership Award must be enrolled in high school (or home schooled) at the 12th grade level and a resident of Clark County. Selection is based on the nominee's activities and projects demonstrating the values of General Marshall represented as one of America’s leading citizens and soldiers.

Award benefits for the General George C. Marshall Youth Leadership Award include:

  • $2,500 college scholarship
  • $500 paid summer internship in the Trust’s Celebrate Freedom office
  • Opportunity to meet with local elected representatives
  • Opportunity to participate in Celebrate Freedom events including Independence Day at Fort Vancouver, Flag Day at Fort Vancouver and Veterans Parade at Fort Vancouver
  • A biography of General George C. Marshall

Youth Award Recipient Expectations:

  • Attend and participate in as many Celebrate Freedom events as your academic schedule will allow, such as: the Marshall Lecture (when held), Independence Day at Fort Vancouver, Flag Day at Fort Vancouver and the Veterans Parade at Fort Vancouver.
  • Speak at Flag Day at Fort Vancouver event held at 3:30 p.m. on June 14 (of the year you received the award).
  • Demonstrate an on-going commitment to leadership in your community.

A PDF version of the youth nomination/nominee form is also available for download. Please complete the form, and send to 

Marshall Youth Leadership Award Form

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The Award Recipients for both the Public and the Youth Awards will be announced and recognized at the Marshall Leadership Award Ceremony on March 22, 2017.

Doors open at 5:30pm with a social and refreshments. The program begins at 6:15pm. 

Tickets can be purchased online HERE 

 Nominees for the awards will each receive a free ticket to the ceremony for themselves, and two additional tickets for guests.


Congratulations 2016 Nominees!

Public Leadership Award

Chelsea Chunn, SWWDC Craig Ebersole, Clark College
 Scott Schachterle, SEH America Paige Spratt, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Jessica Tijerina-Turpeinen, A Merry Heart Events, Owner  


Youth Leadership Award

Autumn Beck, Fort Vancouver High School Thomas Brennan, Hockinson High School
Elizabeth Bronder, Hudson's Bay High School Hallie Brosius, Hockinson High School
Kellen Butler, Battle Ground High School Leticia Chacon, Fort Vancouver High School
Astrid DuBois, Vancouver iTech Preparatory Jorie Freitag, Seton Catholic High School
Trey Gullickson, Prairie High School Jourdan Hale, Mountain View High School
Kaitlyn Hill, Vancouver iTech Preparatory Aléna Jarvis, Battle Ground High School
Meleah Kainu, King's Way Christian High School Patrick Keller, Prairie High School
Makena Kerr, Fort Vancouver High School Sarah Kleier, Columbia River High School
Ethan Knight, Mountain View High School Christina Lundy, Mountain View High School
Matthew McBroom, Hudson's Bay High School Mackenna McClone, Seton Catholic High School
Deanna Medina, Fort Vancouver High School Jenna Melanson, La Center High School
Christopher Mitchell, Mountain View High School Cassidy Moe, Union High School
Nerissa Morrow, Evergreen High School Xuan Nhi T. Nguyen, Fort Vancouver High School
Scout Osborne, La Center High School Sequoia Pullella-Barca, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
Clayton Rajewich, King's Way Christian High School Tristan Ryan, Seton Catholic High School
Zachary Sandoval, iTech Preparatory Courtney Schmit, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
Emily Torjusen, Vancouver iTech Preparatory Emily Turcic, King's Way Christian High School
Anais Urias, Seton Catholic High School Max VanArnam, Ridgefield High School
Makenzie Wilson, Vancouver iTech Preparatory  

 rh021716 4651


Congratulations Previous Award Recipients: 

Public Leadership Award 

2016 Paige Spratt
2015 John Blom
2014 Matthew Bisturis
2013 Jordan Boldt
(no award program in 2012)
2011 Katherine Benson
2010 Devin Jackson
2009 Phillip Harberthur
2008 Cheryl Bledsoe
2007 Deena Bisig
2006 VaNessa Duplessie
2005 Gregory McGreevey
2004 Jennifer Kampsula
2003 Dena Horton
2002 Tanisha Harris
2001 Scott Patterson
2000 Juliet Laycoe Hagley
1999 Michael Stromme
1998 Theresa Wagner
1997 Charlene Ryan
1996 Tom Hagley, Jr.
1995 Shawna Burkholder
1994 Darin Atteberry
1993 Paula Martin
1992 Doug Sessions
1991 Steve Dearborn
1990 John McIlvain
1989 Cindy Gibbon

Youth Leadership Award

2016 Alena Jarvis - Battle Ground High School
2015 Sean Michael Nolan - La Center High School
2014 Jose Scott- Fort Vancouver High School
2013 Natalie Lucey - Mountain View High School
2012 Zachary Hall - Heritage High School
2011 Samantha Cahill - Union High School
2010 Lindsey Elhart - Hudson’s Bay High School
2009 Emma Sagor - Camas High School
2008 Renata Fusso - Skyview High School
2007 Jane Lee - Mountain View High School
2006 Kate Castenson - Mountain View High School
2005 Rosalyn Hart - Washougal High School
2004 Anya Pavlovic - Columbia River High School
2003 Dane Anderson - Prairie High School
2002 Kandi Bauman-Garvey - Hudson’s Bay High School
2001 MaReesa Davenport - Heritage High School