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For more than 150 years Fort Vancouver housed and supported thousands of soldiers and their families, yet it also incarcerated American Indian families and Italian prisoners of war.

For many years Fort Vancouver was unique among fur trade posts in the Columbia Department in having a separate area designated for laborer living quarters. Located west of the fort, the village was inhabited by the lower ranks of the Hudson's Bay Company employees and their families. During peak season, the village population reached 600 people. The village population included French-Canadian, Scottish, Irish, Hawaiian, Iroquois and people representing more than 30 different American Indian tribes. Today's visitors can see two reconstructed Engage' Houses in the village.

Throughout its history as a Native American crossroads, British fur trade fort and American army post, Fort Vancouver tells a story rich in cultural diversity, foreign policy, westward expansion and more. Visitors make a personal connection to the people, places, stories and collections represented throughout its history. Plan your visit today. For information, call the Visitor Center at 360-816-6230.

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